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GrenRock Creative Team

Costume Options

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Option Description Price
1 Voice Box Amplifies the performers own voice by 6 times. Located on the abdomen area of the costume. Does NOT change voice! $375
2 Lighting Package 20 High output flashing LEDs located in the helmet and chest of each costume. Switches and batteries are included. Additional LEDs avaialble for the arms and legs. Pricing varies per costume. $550
3 Graphics Package Standard reflective graphics to add more color and enhance the costume or we can print your company's logo. 12 total graphics. $425
4 iPad Chest Acustom chest with an opening to allow for your iPad or any 10 inch tablet to be placed. This option will allow you to run video, photos, games or mareting materials while entertaining guests. Does NOT include the iPad! $300
5 Extra Body Suits All costumes include one black body suite, however sometimes with multiple performers, extra suits are required. $125